Relax And Get The Care You Need With Nitrous Oxide

Are you afraid of dental visits? Do you have a lengthy dental procedure coming up, and you’re concerned about being able to stay still and relaxed? You may be a good candidate for Nitrous oxide during your appointment.

“Laughing gas,” as nitrous oxide is commonly known, is a common and mild sedative used by dentists.

Nitrous oxide is a safe and painless way to manage specific problems with dental treatment. Many people have significant anxiety about the dentist. Or perhaps a strong gag reflex keeps you from getting the treatment you need. Small children and those with special needs may not be able to sit through a long dental procedure without something to relax them.

Patients who need Nitrous oxide have a mask fitted over their nose during their dental procedure. You’ll feel relaxed and less inhibited. You won’t necessarily laugh the entire time, though, so don’t be concerned! Some people get giggly, which is how Nitrous oxide got its nickname, but not everyone will respond the same way.

How does it work?

During an appointment with laughing gas, you’ll still be alert and awake. You’ll be able to respond to questions and follow directions from the dentist or hygienist. After your appointment is over, you’ll receive pure oxygen to reverse the effects of the Nitrous oxide.

Your dentist will advise you about whether it is OK for you to drive home — you may want a friend or family member to drive you, just to be safe.

If you’re fearful or anxious about the dentist, find out if Nitrous oxide can help you get the care you need more comfortably and without anxiety.

To learn more about Nitrous oxide and how it can help you during your dental appointments, contact Grand Ledge Smiles today. Our dentists will review your needs and advise you of your options in a no-obligation consultation. Make an appointment today!