Fast in-Office Teeth Whitening In Grand Ledge, MI

There are so many things that affect and stain your teeth. It’s not that you have poor oral hygiene. Everything from coffee to soda to juice can affect the color of your teeth. Over the years, this makes a huge difference and most of us see our teeth yellow.

Whitening toothpaste and drugstore solutions might make a small difference, but to get truly whiter teeth you need help from a professional. That’s where in-office teeth whitening can change your smile.

You aren’t stuck with an unattractive smile. People are drawn to a great smile and almost 75% of people think that your smile affects your career prospects. That’s why using an effective tooth whitening system can make a huge difference in your life.

What’s it like to have a whitening treatment at a dentist?

It’s simple:

  • There’s an easy exam beforehand to review your stains and teeth color
  • The hygienist or dentist will place a lip retractor to hold your mouth open and protect your mouth from the whitener
  • Gauze will be placed to keep your mouth dry during treatment
  • Professional-strength gel will be brushed on your teeth and a light will be applied to activate it
  • After 20 minutes, you’ll get another round of whitener. A full treatment involves three or four rounds.

Once your teeth are significantly whiter, you’ll love your smile. Because you’re more comfortable, you’ll make a great first impression on others. Your confidence will skyrocket, and your teeth will be the exact shade of white we’d agreed upon before treatment.

If you’re ready to get real whitening results, an appointment with our dentist is what you need. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll review your teeth and let you know what stain treatment we can offer. There’s no obligation – let us show you what’s possible today!