All You Need to Know About Holistic Dentistry


Are you fed up with the dental treatments you are going through? Are you tired of the high dosage of fluoride and mercury fillings? Are you ready to make a change, something radical? Well, look no further! Holistic dentistry is the answer to your dental problems.

Holistic dentistry or natural dentistry holistically approaches oral care. It studies the effects of oral health on the whole body and vice versa. The use of alternative methods and natural remedies is making it very popular.

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What Treatments Does a Holistic Dentist Provide?

A holistic dentist's mission is to help individuals improve oral health by providing education, guidance, and treatment options. Holistic dentists focus on providing dental care that creates long-term habits. It ensures consistent treatment results within each patient experience.

The most common holistic dental treatments include :

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings used to restore a tooth typically use chemical-free, BPA-free material like ceramic. They replace the mercury amalgam fillings and can match the tooth color to give a natural look. The procedure also is less invasive than placing amalgam fillings. Sometimes holistic methods will call for removing the mercury fillings if needed.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative treatment for gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth sensitivity. Ozone is oxygen with a high oxidizing capacity, enabling it to destroy bacteria and viruses. There has been much debate about the safety of ozone therapy, but many holistic dentists believe it is safe when the proper dosage is being used.

Low Radiation X-rays

Low-radiation x-rays are a great way to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure. Because they use a lower radiation dosage than traditional x-rays, they're also more comfortable and less damaging. But what do they actually do? It helps take a closer look at your mouth to assess any damage or decay that may have occurred since your last visit, as well as helps identify other issues that may be causing you pain or discomfort.

Cold Laser Treatment

Cold laser treatments are used to treat oral pain and inflammation. It uses the lasers' light energy, penetrating through the affected area and stimulating the healing of tissues. Your dentist can target specific areas in your mouth, head, or neck to relieve pain by increasing blood flow and promoting cell growth.

Other techniques used in holistic dentistry include overall health evaluation, education of oral hygiene techniques, herbology, and aromatherapy. This method also advocates for minimally invasive treatments, avoiding toxic materials, and proper nutrition that preserves as much natural tooth as possible. Because of the high amount of chemicals and drilling, holistic dentists do not recommend root canals.

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